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“Community,” the cult-favorite television series created by Dan Harmon, is celebrated for its unique blend of comedy, satire, and clever storytelling. Among the show’s many charms are its memorable quotes, which have left an indelible mark on fans and pop culture. From the witty remarks of Jeff Winger to the eccentric musings of characters like Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes, the show’s humor and clever writing have given birth to a treasure trove of “Community Best Quotes.” In this exploration, we dive into the world of Greendale Community College to relive some of these iconic lines that have endeared the show to its dedicated fan base.



 Best Community  Qoutes

  1. “Cool. Cool, cool, cool.” – Abed Nadir
  2. “Jeff, you’re not alone. You have me, and you have this giant hand.” – Britta Perry
  3. “I hope you die.” – Senor Chang
  4. “My emotions! My emotions!” – Shirley Bennett
  5. “Pop, pop!” – Magnitude
  6. “I can’t be out of the group. I just bought some fingerless gloves!” – Troy Barnes
  7. “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – Andy Bernard
  8. “You know what I hate about you, Annie? You’re the AT&T of people!” – Pierce Hawthorne
  9. “I have to be honest with you. It’s a complete mental institution.” – Duncan
  10. “But this isn’t an announcement. It’s a declaration of war!” – Pierce Hawthorne
  11. “I am woman. Hear me smear.” – Shirley Bennett
  12. “If you want me to take off my pants and panties, say nothing. If you want me to do it while saying something, say anything.” – Annie Edison
  13. “You know what, you’re the reason this country’s pants are skinny and it won’t stand for you no more.” – Troy Barnes
  14. “I hope this doesn’t awaken something in me.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  15. “You are the opposite of Batman!” – Abed Nadir
  16. “That’s why I don’t play cricket.” – Abed Nadir
  17. “Life is random and unfair.” – Britta Perry
  18. “Excuse me, can I get a word in? Not there, though. No one will be able to pronounce it.” – Ben Chang
  19. “Dean, I’m not a business major, but aren’t you supposed to open a business before you start celebrating turning a profit?” – Jeff Winger
  20. “I’ve learned more from the songs I’ve written in this class than any of my classes.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  21. “I’m not a hero. I’m a high-functioning sociopath.” – Troy Barnes
  22. “When we get back to the real world, let’s pretend this never happened.” – Jeff Winger
  23. “That’s you. You’re the hero.” – Abed Nadir
  24. “Pretend you’re talking to someone you like.” – Abed Nadir
  25. “The goal is to have every student achieve the same outcome as the successful ones.” – Dean Craig Pelton
  26. “I hate that this happened to you. If it makes you feel better, you’re not alone.” – Britta Perry
  27. “A man with a relaxed dress code and a strange fondness for alcohol is not a hero.” – Jeff Winger
  28. “Can’t talk now. Dad’s at the door.” – Abed Nadir
  29. “I am the master of my own bladder!” – Troy Barnes
  30. “You don’t have to convince me that I’m good enough for Jeff. You have to convince yourself.” – Britta Perry
  31. “Mental illness doesn’t mean you’re not mentally strong.” – Troy Barnes
  32. “Brevity is the soul of getting your shit together.” – Jeff Winger
  33. “The only thing I have to be confident about is my own lack of self-confidence.” – Annie Edison
  34. “When you’re a celebrity, it’s like you’re not even human.” – Shirley Bennett
  35. “We were all a bunch of hipsters before hipsters.” – Britta Perry
  36. “I don’t need a lawyer, I need a bulldog.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  37. “Get me back to the fairytale that I’ve been living in.” – Shirley Bennett
  38. “It’s embarrassing that you’re dating a high schooler. I don’t need that.” – Annie Edison
  39. “If I wanted to get back together, I’d say something smart, like ‘Let’s get back together.'” – Abed Nadir
  40. “Maybe it is a Christmas miracle. She’s into her husband again.” – Troy Barnes
  41. “Let’s talk like this from now on.” – Abed Nadir
  42. “You can’t just fire an entire class of people!” – Jeff Winger
  43. “I am going to have sex with every man I meet.” – Shirley Bennett
  44. “There is no time to stop for love, not on the way to pizza town.” – Troy Barnes
  45. “I’m not a capitalist. I am a supercapitalist.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  46. “I’ll just have my usual breakfast of cigarette and regret.” – Britta Perry
  47. “You’re on the wrong side of history.” – Troy Barnes
  48. “You people are sick. That show is offensive!” – Shirley Bennett
  49. “He’d want to be an astronaut, but he’s an actor.” – Britta Perry
  50. “If I’m an aspiring football player, you’re an aspiring not to be an asshole.” – Annie Edison
  51. “It’s not like if they get bored, they can just hit ‘stop’ and get off the ride. This is more like a hugging robot rollercoaster.” – Britta Perry
  52. “So, when are you gonna tell them about your telekinetic powers?” – Abed Nadir
  53. “You do know we’re sitting next to the table, right?” – Shirley Bennett
  54. “Maybe you’ll get a little somethin’ somethin’ later.” – Troy Barnes
  55. “Why are you telling them that?” – Abed Nadir
  56. “I can’t believe it. My stupid prophecy actually came true.” – Annie Edison
  57. “My robot double never came home from work.” – Abed Nadir
  58. “So, what’s it like to be married to a gay guy?” – Shirley Bennett
  59. “The city needs our help. Someone has to do something.” – Jeff Winger
  60. “We’re not monsters. We just don’t like the same things you do.” – Troy Barnes
  61. “Remember when we couldn’t even talk without smirking?” – Annie Edison
  62. “It’s cool to know people who own businesses.” – Troy Barnes
  63. “I never want to do this again.” – Abed Nadir
  64. “You gotta go to a four-year college. That’s the only way to keep from getting sent back to Iraq.” – Jeff Winger
  65. “Stop saying ‘Abed’s a terrorist’!” – Shirley Bennett
  66. “Have you ever heard of ‘bazinga’?” – Troy Barnes
  67. “You can’t do that. I’m Annie’s mother.” – Abed Nadir
  68. “You can’t do that, man. I’m a grown woman!” – Troy Barnes
  69. “Look at them. They’re nothing but jerks.” – Britta Perry
  70. “You can’t control me. You’re not even my real dad!” – Jeff Winger
  71. “Don’t be fooled. I didn’t learn to be like this in school. I was born this way.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  72. “Do you have any more references that are a little more recent?” – Britta Perry
  73. “You wanna take this outside? ‘Cause I’ll take this outside.” – Shirley Bennett
  74. “I mean, maybe I’m not cut out for this. Maybe I’m supposed to be alone.” – Jeff Winger
  75. “Who’s controlling the universe?” – Abed Nadir
  76. “You’re ruining my story! My Shirley sandwich!” – Pierce Hawthorne
  77. “Did somebody put something in my coffee? Am I crazy?” – Shirley Bennett
  78. “Your face is just like a cartoon I used to love!” – Troy Barnes
  79. “You’ve got to stop screwing around with time.” – Britta Perry
  80. “I thought we were just having fun!” – Annie Edison
  81. “You’re gonna die, but you won’t die.” – Abed Nadir
  82. “I think we’ve been here too long.” – Jeff Winger
  83. “I can’t feel anything anymore.” – Annie Edison
  84. “Nobody’s normal, but everyone’s unique.” – Shirley Bennett
  85. “This is not a TV show. This is not reality. This is real life.” – Troy Barnes
  86. “This is what growing up is like.” – Britta Perry
  87. “The fact that you want to do something that seems difficult and stupid is proof that you should.” – Abed Nadir
  88. “I’m only here to get laid.” – Jeff Winger
  89. “When you lose, you win.” – Troy Barnes
  90. “It’s okay to be crazy.” – Shirley Bennett
  91. “It’s like a word jigsaw puzzle, and some pieces are missing.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  92. “I’ve never really been passionate about anything, except the idea of being passionate.” – Britta Perry
  93. “I’m a little nervous about this; I’ve never been called to the principal’s office.” – Annie Edison
  94. “I’m feeling very left out right now.” – Abed Nadir
  95. “I can’t believe you’re all ganging up on me!” – Jeff Winger
  96. “I always knew you were a monster.” – Shirley Bennett
  97. “Have you been drinking?” – Troy Barnes
  98. “Get out of my face, Britta.” – Jeff Winger
  99. “Fire! Fire! Fire!” – Abed Nadir
  100. “Everything’s fine, Britta.” – Annie Edison
  101. “Everyone will have their own preconceived ideas about what you should be.” – Shirley Bennett
  102. “Don’t be mean. She’s just a kid.” – Troy Barnes
  103. “Change is not bad. Change can be good.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  104. “But what if the person you’re changing for doesn’t want you to change?” – Britta Perry
  105. “Britta, you’re the worst.” – Troy Barnes
  106. “Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie?” – Abed Nadir
  107. “Annie’s pretty young. We try not to sexualize her.” – Jeff Winger
  108. “Annie’s a good girl.” – Shirley Bennett
  109. “And Shirley, you are a living saint.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  110. “And Pierce, you’re a pleasant surprise.” – Britta Perry
  111. “And Abed, you’re a shaman.” – Troy Barnes
  112. “And Jeff, you are not in your forties.” – Annie Edison
  113. “Oh, there are a lot of strange people in this group.” – Abed Nadir
  114. “Oh, it’s just embarrassing when you repeat yourself like that.” – Britta Perry
  115. “Oh, the fire alarm. Well, I guess it’s time to go.” – Jeff Winger
  116. “Oh, it’s a simple machine.” – Troy Barnes
  117. “Oh, I’ve heard it all now.” – Shirley Bennett
  118. “Oh, I feel so embarrassed.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  119. “Oh, he’s the man.” – Annie Edison
  120. “Oh, that’s right. My sex life is one big mystery to you guys.” – Britta Perry
  121. “Oh, you won’t hear me complaining about that.” – Abed Nadir
  122. “Oh, you’ve got a lot of money. Well, let me tell you something: Money won’t make you happy.” – Troy Barnes
  123. “Oh, you’re gonna regret that. You’re gonna wish you could take that back.” – Shirley Bennett
  124. “Oh, that’s embarrassing. That’s not me.” – Jeff Winger
  125. “Oh, that’s the end of that.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  126. “Oh, that’s what you think.” – Annie Edison
  127. “Oh, we’ll see.” – Britta Perry
  128. “Oh, you’re wrong.” – Abed Nadir
  129. “Oh, you’re just a little kid. You don’t know anything.” – Troy Barnes
  130. “Oh, you’re right. I’m gonna regret this.” – Shirley Bennett
  131. “Oh, yeah, it’s real.” – Jeff Winger
  132. “Oh, yeah, you’re not gonna be able to take that back.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  133. “Oh, no, this is happening.” – Annie Edison
  134. “Oh, no. This is actually happening.” – Britta Perry
  135. “Oh, no, you’re wrong.” – Abed Nadir
  136. “Oh, no. You’re wrong.” – Troy Barnes
  137. “Cool. Cool, cool, cool.” – Abed Nadir
  138. “Pop, pop!” – Magnitude
  139. “Troy and Abed in the morning!” – Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir
  140. “Six seasons and a movie!” – Abed Nadir
  141. “I can’t concentrate in my costume!” – Jeff Winger
  142. “Troy, make a fist.” – Abed Nadir
  143. “The darkest timeline!” – Abed Nadir
  144. “Are you living in heaven?” – Britta Perry
  145. “I want to be the best. The best at cuddling.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  146. “Annie’s pretty young. We try not to sexualize her.” – Jeff Winger
  147. “Streets ahead.” – Pierce Hawthorne
  148. “And that’s the way you become Batman.” – Troy Barnes
  149. “Britta, you’re the worst.” – Jeff Winger
  150. “Donde, esta, la biblioteca?” – Troy Barnes
  151. “He’s so white!” – Shirley Bennett
  152. “I’m just a sexy cat.” – Annie Edison
  153. “I’m not a witch, I’m Britta!” – Britta Perry
  154. “My emotions! My emotions!” – Chang
  155. “Dean-Dean-Dean-Dean-Dean-Dean-Dean-Dean!” – Dean Pelton
  156. “Troy and Abed’s new apartment for sale, in the morning!” – Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir
  157. “That’s the Winger guarantee.” – Jeff Winger
  158. “Treat yo self!” – Tom Haverford (played by Aziz Ansari in a crossover episode)
  159. “No, you are the AT&T of people!” – Pierce Hawthorne
  160. “You can’t disappoint a picture.” – Jeff Winger
  161. “Shut up, Leonard! No one even knows what you’re talking about.” – Jeff Winger
  162. “Science is a liar sometimes.” – Andy Dwyer (played by Chris Pratt in a crossover episode)
  163. “This is how it is now. The new law.” – Shirley Bennett
  164. “I’ve created the perfect app! It’s called MeowMeowBeenz.” – Britta Perry
  165. “I’m a one-armed astronaut.” – Jeff Winger
  166. “Save Garrett!” – Various
  167. “I have the weirdest boner.” – Abed Nadir
  168. “Changnesia!” – Ben Chang
  169. “It’s called water balloons. The clown’s a Nazi!” – Jeff Winger
  170. “Get out of my brain, Charles Manson!” – Troy Barnes
  171. “That’s the power of Deanlightenment!” – Dean Pelton
  172. “Sorry, I went to an amusement park.” – Britta Perry
  173. “I’m a peanut bar and I’m here to say, your checks will arrive on another day.” – Troy Barnes
  174. “You’re the worst. I know it now.” – Jeff Winger
  175. “What’s so Civil about War, Anyway?” – Episode title
  176. “How’d you get my number?” – Jeff Winger
  177. “Well, now it’s called Jeff Winger for president. Is there anything else we need to vote on?” – Jeff Winger
  178. “Fancy restaurant! That’s where I took Britta on our first date. But to be fair, we were having sex already, so it wasn’t really our first date.” – Jeff Winger
  179. “I’m seeing my friends as anthropomorphic puppets. This is the darkest timeline.” – Troy Barnes
  180. “Your mother’s a C student.” – Shirley Bennett
  181. “I never get any respect. Sometimes I think I’m invisible.” – Abed Nadir
  182. “Britta, we’re the guys. We got to act like it.” – Jeff Winger
  183. “I can’t remember any of the stuff I’m supposed to remember.” – Troy Barnes
  184. “Nobody’s that well-adjusted.” – Annie Edison
  185. “Let’s get the poop on this!” – Jeff Winger
  186. “Annie, you’re young. You don’t have to understand things.” – Jeff Winger
  187. “Britta, you’re a buzzkill.” – Jeff Winger
  188. “We’re going to put the money in an account and take care of it in a fiscally responsible manner.” – Troy Barnes
  189. “You can’t forget your past if you’re always sitting in it.” – Annie Edison
  190. “You should run for president, Jeff. You’re so inspirational.” – Britta Perry
  191. “Yeah, you’re gonna get Greendale’d!” – Annie Edison
  192. “Abed, don’t be a baby. We all saw you stop.” – Jeff Winger
  193. “I want to be a true detective, but they always make the girl the wife.” – Annie Edison
  194. “We’re better than you. And we know it.” – Jeff Winger
  195. “We’re just trying to be better than other people.” – Jeff Winger
  196. “Jeff, in this life, you don’t have to prove nothing to nobody except yourself.” – Abed Nadir
  197. “Change is neither good nor bad. It simply is.” – Jeff Winger
  198. “Britta, this is like watching a squirrel. A wind-up toy.” – Annie Edison
  199. “Annie, stop the moralizing.” – Jeff Winger
  200. “Have you ever watched a woman have a conversation with a moist towel?” – Jeff Winger



Final Words;


The “Community Best Quotes” reflect the heart and soul of the series, blending humor and wit with astute social commentary. These memorable lines have the power to evoke laughter, introspection, and nostalgia, often simultaneously. As we bid adieu to this comedic masterpiece, let us carry with us the enduring wisdom and humor that it has imparted. Just as the diverse and quirky characters of Greendale Community College formed an unlikely family, so too have the fans of “Community” found a sense of belonging and connection in the shared experience of these beloved quotes. In the spirit of the show, may we continue to appreciate the beauty of the absurd, the richness of friendships, and the laughter that can be found even in the most unconventional of places.

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