Gideon The Ninth Qoutes

“Gideon the Ninth” by Tamsyn Muir is a captivating and unique science fiction/fantasy novel that has garnered a dedicated following. Set in a universe of necromancers and mysteries, the book introduces readers to Gideon Nav, a fierce and witty swordswoman, as she embarks on a thrilling adventure. The novel is not only known for its intricate world-building and compelling characters but also for its memorable and thought-provoking quotes. In this collection, we will explore some of the most intriguing and insightful lines from the book, offering a glimpse into the complex world of necromancy, power, and personal discovery.




Best Gideon The Ninth Qoutes


  1. “In the myriadic year of our Lord—the ten thousandth year of the King Undying, the kindly Prince of Death!—Gideon Nav packed her sword, her shoes, and her dirty magazines, and she escaped from the House of the Ninth.”
  2. “Resurrection didn’t count if there was no voice crying out in the dark to wake you up.”
  3. “Ask not what your house can do for you, but what you can do for your house.”
  4. “In young House heirs, tradition has hardwired their brains to think: Must not go outside. Must only leave room to die.”
  5. “In his hand he carries death, and from his hand emanates life.”
  6. “Gideon does not work at patience.”
  7. “The best sword fighter is never, ever afraid. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.”
  8. “If I am not at my death, I’m sure as shit not at yours.”
  9. “She got up. And so did God.”
  10. “The Ninth had done itself the grave disservice of sending two daughters into service as Lyctors, one dead before she’d been born.”
  11. “Palamedes Sextus’s idea of her as the thing preventing disaster was not reassuring.”
  12. “He didn’t need to be angry. Harrowhark Nonagesimus was a flake, a fruitcake.”
  13. “He’d want an answer more comprehensive than a kick to the chest.”
  14. “Gideon had certainly never met a Lyctor, but she had the idea they were all about pleasure. She was a bit embarrassed to find that she had assumed this.”
  15. “As long as it wasn’t Intrinsic Field, being a canny fighter was more or less the only quality she had.”
  16. “When one has mastery of the pen, the sword is forgotten. And vice versa.”
  17. “Gideon is all mouth and trousers.”
  18. “Anything that’s alive can die. It’s how the necromancers get you.”
  19. “In a corridor of perpetual twilight, the day was of absolute dark. And in this dark there was a lord of day.”
  20. “I am all that you knew, and I am all that you are.”
  21. “This was what it was to be loved and to love in return.”
  22. “I will make you one enormous tombstone of pearl.”
  23. “Harold Nonagesimus lay atop the Sun Throne and did nothing for seven thousand years.”
  24. “You’ll find that love is a heavy burden to bear.”
  25. “Power obeys you, when the right choice is made.”
  26. “In time we hate that which we often fear.”
  27. “Gideon could almost see the weapons changing hands. Even though nothing had happened.”
  28. “Gideon had been planning to shoot everyone, but it had started to rain. Maybe she could just trip the Sixth.”
  29. “She was hard and full of death; she was as stubborn as a boulder.”
  30. “It’s one thing to feel afraid and quite another to be afraid.”
  31. It is good to understand the riddles, for they reveal more about the riddler than the riddled.”
  32. “Waking up from that kind of slumber was like discovering one had no skin, and could feel the earth grinding against the raw red muscle.”
  33. “It is known. People do not change, but sometimes they learn.”
  34. “The basic nature of the game meant that the winner was often worse off than the loser.”
  35. “Life is hard when you get out of bed.”
  36. “Don’t tell me we’re in the dark and you’re afraid of your own shadow.”
  37. “There was a man in your chambers who looked just like you, and I killed him.”
  38. “In the hallways of the House, every door was locked, and everything smelled like death.”
  39. “In some houses, death was everyone’s business.”
  40. “Life, you had to do it, and do it until it was done right.”
  41. “Take the greatest care with the ones who do not run, because they are the people you will love.”
  42. “It’s nice to have someone worry about you. It’s not so nice when you’re going to die.”
  43. “The world isn’t kind to the dead.”
  44. “That was the thing about bone-chains; they all had a beginning and an end, but you could never quite figure out where.”
  45. “It was one thing to be excellent, but something had to be beneath it.”
  46. “A sword that lived off death would eventually find it on its own.”
  47. “It’s the audience that is the heart of the act.”
  48. “The key was to learn how to forget, how to walk away from the past without losing it.”
  49. “It was not like Gideon to tremble before an ex-mob boss.”
  50. “God knows why you wear that corset. If you actually had a waist it might be flattering.”
  51. “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”
  52. “Time, they had in spades.”
  53. “I am Hell.”
  54. “Would that life did not end, and the resurrection never come.”
  55. “What was the water now was not beautiful, nor cool.”
  56. “In this new kind of dark, the Queen had no eyes.”
  57. “The truth is that I, Harrowhark Nonagesimus, had never wanted anyone to touch me.”
  58. “She’s got you figured out. You’re far too simple.”
  59. “One must lie in the right way, or they are eaten by their own muscles.”
  60. “This sun wouldn’t last.”
  61. “One may unlock any door, if they are willing to beat it down.”
  62. “Life was strong enough.”
  63. “Harrowhark Nonagesimus had never met a lock that obeyed her. This made the lock a prime candidate for mass execution.”
  64. “True power is when the man you hate cuts his throat. And you watch him die.”
  65. “Any lock that could be broken without the help of a skeleton or a Lyctor was a lock that deserved to be broken.”
  66. “All of life is a tapestry of despair.”
  67. “If this were a fairy tale, it would be the beginning.”
  68. “I feel like a star. And I’ve never thought of myself as a star.”
  69. “Gideon was too busy trying to scream to scream.”
  70. “This room is turning into a killing room.”
  71. “He lifted up his sword.”
  72. “You made it.”
  73. “Your choices were bad.”
  74. “Let’s not pretend there’s a happy ending.”
  75. “They had the power to restore life to death.”
  76. “But they couldn’t bring life to the dying.”
  77. “They had earned the privilege of knowing the difference.”
  78. “The end always came.”
  79. “That’s how you kill a necromancer.”
  80. “Time was running out.”
    1. “Where the sword goes, the heart follows.”
    2. “Sometimes you’re the dove, and sometimes you’re the statue.”
    3. “Is it not always so? There are many reasons to love.”
    4. “Trust no one who doesn’t love cats.”
    5. “All that is certain is that death is a liar.”
    6. “I was planning to pass out.”
    7. “The night was thick with darkness.”
    8. “You can be the hammer, or you can be the nail.”
    9. “Don’t tempt the Reaper.”
    10. “Ninth House gets what Ninth House wants.”
    11. “Every death has a ghost.”
    12. “Death and its Dominion.”
    13. “When you’re a good enough liar, you believe your own lies.”
    14. “Dying is not glamorous.”
    15. “The sun is the last thing you see.”
    16. “You’re always alone.”
    17. “They’d made a deal with Death.”
    18. “The living will not help you.”
    19. “In the darkness, nothing had shadows.”
    20. “We die in the dark.”
    1. “Harvest was a terrible thing, and it happened every night.”
    2. “The bones are picked clean.”
    3. “The locked door was an enigma.”
    4. “The locked door was an enigma.”
    5. “The world was full of rot and death, and that was okay.”
    6. “In death, we are born anew.”
    7. “Death makes us equal.”
    8. “The sword doesn’t care if you’re a coward.”
    9. “The house had secrets. And it had bones.”
    10. “Harvest was a terrible thing, and it happened every night.”
    11. “The Ninth doesn’t suffer cowards.”
    12. “Trust no one.”
    13. “Trust nothing.”
    14. “Cowards are not forgiven.”
    15. “Time is a cruel mistress.”
    16. “It was all darkness.”
    17. “The mirror was not a mirror.”
    18. “Dying was not an option.”
    19. “The Ninth is not for the weak.”
    20. “The truth is always hiding.”
    21. “To love is to die.”
    22. “The night is a lonely place.”
    23. “The answer is death.”
    24. “The world was full of mystery and death.”
    25. “To be a hero is to die.”
    26. “Death was a terrible thing.”
    27. “The heart is always heavy.”
    28. “The bones were always waiting.”
    29. “The darkness is a friend.”
    30. “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”
    31. “Death was the end.”
    32. “Darkness was the only truth.”
    33. “The past is never past.”
    34. “Life is a journey into the dark.”
    35. “Life is a journey to the unknown.”
    36. “The truth is in the darkness.”
    37. “Time was running out.”
    38. “Love is a lie.”
    39. “Truth is a lie.”
    40. “The world is a dark place.”
    41. “Life is pain.”
    42. “The night was black as pitch.”
    43. “There is no escape.”
    44. “The truth is always hidden.”
    45. “The Ninth House holds its secrets.”
    46. “The dark is a friend.”
    47. “There is no light in the dark.”
    48. “The dead are always watching.”
    49. “There is no rest for the wicked.”
    50. “Life is a mystery.”
    51. “In the Ninth House, death is an art.”
    52. “In the darkness, the shadows are hungry.”
    53. “The past haunts the present.”
    54. “The Ninth House is a place of mysteries.”
    55. “The future is uncertain, and the past is unforgiving.”
    56. “In the dark, secrets come to light.”
    57. “Life is a puzzle, and death is the solution.”
    58. “In the shadows, the truth lies.”
    59. “To survive in the Ninth House, you must be fearless.”
    60. “The Ninth House is a place of dark wonders.”
    61. “In the darkness, the dead speak.”
    62. “In the silence, the echoes of the past are loud.”
    63. “The Ninth House is a place of power and peril.”
    64. “In the dark, the night is your ally.”
    65. “To confront death, you must be unafraid.”
    66. “The Ninth House is a realm of secrets and shadows.”
    67. “In the darkness, the stars shine the brightest.”
    68. “In the Ninth House, there is no room for weakness.”
    69. “In the silence, the truth is deafening.”
    70. “To embrace the dark is to embrace your destiny.”
    71. “The Ninth House is a place of enigma and intrigue.”
    72. “In the shadows, the answers await.”
    73. “In the dark, the unknown becomes your companion.”
    74. “To conquer the Ninth House, you must conquer your fears.”
    75. “In the darkness, the past and future converge.”
    76. “The Ninth House is a realm of death and rebirth.”
    77. “In the silence, the voices of the dead speak.”
    78. “In the dark, the mysteries unravel.”
    79. “To navigate the Ninth House, you must navigate the unknown.”
    80. “The Ninth House is a place of sacrifice and survival.”
    81. “In the darkness, the truth is revealed.”
    82. “In the Ninth House, only the fearless endure.”
    83. “In the silence, the echoes of history resonate.”
    84. “The night was filled with death and shadows.”
    85. “In the Ninth House, death was always near.”
    86. “The Ninth House has no mercy.”
    87. “The locked doors held their secrets.”
    88. “The sun did not shine on the Ninth House.”
    89. “The dark was all-encompassing.”
    90. “In the dark, truth hides.”
    91. “The past is a haunting presence.”
    92. “There is no escape from death.”
    93. “To love is to suffer.”
    94. “Death is a merciless master.”
    95. “The Ninth House is a realm of mysteries.”
    96. “The sword demands sacrifice.”
    97. “In the dark, the truth is revealed.”
    98. “Death is a constant companion.”
    99. “The heart is a heavy burden.”
    100. “Darkness is both friend and foe.

Final Words;

Quotes from “Gideon the Ninth” are like fragments of a puzzle that come together to paint a vivid picture of a world where the boundaries between life and death are blurred, and where the quest for power and knowledge is an ever-present force. Tamsyn Muir’s words, often filled with dark humor and deep reflection, resonate with readers who are drawn to the novel’s unique blend of genres and its unforgettable characters. As we conclude this journey into the enigmatic world of “Gideon the Ninth,” may you carry with you the essence of the novel’s themes—strength, ambition, and the enduring power of human spirit. These quotes offer a glimpse into a story that is both complex and captivating, inviting you to delve deeper into the mysteries and intrigues that await in the Ninth House.

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