Homestar Runner Qoutes

Homestar Runner, an iconic web-based animated series created by Matt and Mike Chapman, has been a beloved part of internet culture for many years. The series features a cast of quirky and endearing characters who inhabit the fictional town of Free Country, USA. Known for its unique sense of humor, memorable catchphrases, and clever wordplay, Homestar Runner has left a lasting impression on fans around the world. In this collection of Homestar Runner quotes, we delve into the whimsical and hilarious world of this internet sensation, celebrating the wit and charm that have made it a timeless favorite.



Best Homestar Runner Qoutes


  1. “I’m Homestar Runner, and this is the stick.” – Homestar Runner
  2. “Strong Bad, I thought I told you to stop using the Tandy 400!” – Homestar Runner
  3. “I can do it! I can do it nine times!” – Homestar Runner
  4. “I’ve got the only tape of the cheat’s favorite songs. He’s gonna love it.” – Homestar Runner
  5. “My name’s not ‘Bluh, Helo, Gom, Gop’, it’s Homestar Runner.” – Homestar Runner
  6. “Da Cheato, get out of the way. I’m trying to win this time.” – Homestar Runner
  7. “Come on, have some cham-peen-ya. It’s fresh squeezed from the finest toothpaste and orange juice.” – Homestar Runner
  8. “I have the weirdest urge to do some break dancing.” – Homestar Runner
  9. “Come on, man, I need that book report for school!” – Homestar Runner
  10. “I was just moving the furniture back into place.” – Homestar Runner
  11. “I’m Homestar Runner, and this is the stick.” – Homestar Runner
  12. “I can do it! I can do it nine times!” – Homestar Runner
  13. “My name’s not ‘Bluh, Helo, Gom, Gop,’ it’s Homestar Runner.” – Homestar Runner
  14. “Da Cheato, get out of the way. I’m trying to win this time.” – Homestar Runner
  15. “Come on, have some cham-peen-ya. It’s fresh squeezed from the finest toothpaste and orange juice.” – Homestar Runner
  16. “I have the weirdest urge to do some break dancing.” – Homestar Runner
  17. “Come on, man, I need that book report for school!” – Homestar Runner
  18. “I was just moving the furniture back into place.” – Homestar Runner
  19. “Why, oh why, must I back the car all the way down the drive-way?” – Homestar Runner
  20. “Oh, I’m gonna answer the… crap out of this email.” – Strong Bad
  21. “I’ll have the English paper, I mean the famous jibberish name of pizza.” – Strong Bad
  22. “That is not a fish.” – Strong Bad
  23. “And I’m like, ‘Dang! You’re pretty!” – Homestar Runner
  24. “Maybe if I pretend to be at work, she won’t make me do more work.” – Homestar Runner
  25. “I’m not mad. I’m just… disappointed.” – Strong Bad
  26. “I always like a good Lappy.” – The Cheat
  27. “Check this email out. They used, like, 12 exclamation marks.” – Homestar Runner
  28. “Homestar, how do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?” – Strong Bad
  29. “Everybody, everybody!” – The King of Town
  30. “I can’t believe I have to apologize to these guys.” – Homestar Runner
  31. “That was pretty funny, actually.” – Homestar Runner
  32. “You guys are gonna have to try a lot harder than that to beat me at golf.” – Strong Bad
  33. “Sometimes I do cool things.” – Homestar Runner
  34. “I really, really, really don’t like you, and you gotta leave.” – Strong Sad
  35. “Where’s The Cheat when you need to have your back scratched?” – Strong Bad
  36. “If you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.” – The Cheat
  37. “I’m a thousand times better at all the sports.” – Homestar Runner
  38. “Come back, envelope! I have something for you!” – Homestar Runner
  39. “What are we going to do now, Brain?” – Homestar Runner
  40. “No, the system is down!” – The System
  41. “I can make you make out with the screen!” – Strong Bad
  42. “Sundae Drivin’!” – Homestar Runner
  43. “I’m a star!” – Homestar Runner
  44. “I’ll have the number 15 with extra dip.” – Homestar Runner
  45. “No more weenies, no more buns.” – Strong Bad
  46. “On second thought, I hate email.” – Homestar Runner
  47. “Don’t touch my stuff! That’s where I keep my stuff!” – Strong Bad
  48. “I don’t know how to do that.” – Homestar Runner
  49. “I never said I was good at darts.” – Strong Bad
  50. “I’m gonna grab a permanent marker and draw a tattoo on my face.” – Homestar Runner
  51. “No, I’m pretty sure it’s just the rain.” – The Cheat
  52. “I don’t even know how to spell ‘Dale Earnhardt’.” – Homestar Runner
  53. “I’m pretty sure you should’ve been able to avoid that.” – Homestar Runner
  54. “I don’t need your stinkin’ system.” – Strong Bad
  55. “I want it all, man. I want my cheeses.” – Homestar Runner
  56. “And then I just go to bed and go to sleep!” – Homestar Runner
  57. “You gotta do what I say, man.” – Strong Bad
  58. “It’s like a breath of fresh smoke.” – Homestar Runner
  59. “Awww, shucks! I like me some spaghetti.” – Homestar Runner
  60. “Here’s a check for a hundred dollars!” – The King of Town
  61. “Lappy 486! It’s been three months! You get free internet, baby!” – Strong Bad
  62. “That’s a long story, don’t ask. Some guy, don’t ask.” – Strong Bad
  63. “Stop emailing me. Seriously, I hate you.” – Homestar Runner
  64. “Check out the way I can spin around and play air guitar with my feet.” – Homestar Runner
  65. “Give me the candy! I want the candy!” – The King of Town
  66. “I’m just being all grape in my creepy pitch disguise.” – Homestar Runner
  67. “I can make you an ice cream sandwich!” – Homestar Runner
  68. “I’m not familiar with your topic.” – Strong Bad
  69. “Oh, it’s you. What do you want, the impossible?” – Strong Bad
  70. “Why’s everybody always listening to my radio?” – Homestar Runner
  71. “I’m awesome. You’re not.” – Strong Bad
  72. “I said consummate Vs!” – Homestar Runner
  73. “What’s up, my dog? I’m tired of being the dog. It’s your turn.” – The Cheat
  74. “Hey guys, check it out. I’m spinning around! Look at me spin!” – Homestar Runner
  75. “It’s dot com!” – Strong Bad
  76. “I can’t see you, but I can hear you in there!” – Homestar Runner
  77. “Oh man, The Cheat, you’re a lousy best friend.” – Homestar Runner
  78. “The movie was amazing. Strong Bad did all his own stunts!” – The Cheat
  79. “Why don’t you say that to my face, big ugly bag of mostly water?” – Strong Bad
  80. “How do you have a napkin dispenser on your face?” – Homestar Runner
  81. “I’m a human shield.” – Homestar Runner
  82. “I’m like a cupcake, and nobody ever offers me any!” – Homestar Runner
  83. “I don’t even want to check my email!” – Homestar Runner
  84. “Oh man, I’m gonna go check out the history of snooping.” – Homestar Runner
  85. “I hate having to email you twice in one day!” – Homestar Runner
  86. “Let’s go see a man about a dog.” – Strong Bad
  87. “A wizard’s beard, a pirate hat, and the boots of a jester.” – Homestar Runner
  88. “I haven’t checked the email in a long time!” – Strong Bad
  89. “Check out this room! It’s where the magic doesn’t happen!” – Homestar Runner
  90. “Cheat Commandos, rock, rock on!” – The Cheat
  91. “It’s just the same picture of a duck, like, over and over again.” – Strong Bad
  92. “I’m gonna have to allow it.” – Homestar Runner
  93. “Whoa, we all know that’s not true.” – Homestar Runner
  94. “Don’t answer that email. No! Don’t answer that email!” – Homestar Runner
  95. “You’re talking about email? Gross!” – Strong Bad
  96. “I’m gonna make a party invite right now!” – Homestar Runner
  97. “I have terrible plans for you.” – Strong Bad
  98. “Come on, man! Marzipan’s got this super great concert going on tonight!” – Homestar Runner
  99. “Email thunder!” – Homestar Runner
  100. “Wait, are we checking our email?” – Strong Bad
  101. “Oh, you’re real helpful. Why don’t you help me over there?” – Homestar Runner
  102. “This one isn’t a keeper.” – Homestar Runner
  103. “All of our foreign subtitles are just L’s. And that’s the funniest thing you can do in the world!” – Homestar Runner
  104. “I’m at the stick!” – Homestar Runner
  105. “Don’t open that email, Marzipan! It’s an email from me!” – Homestar Runner
  106. “I’m the worst character in this series.” – Homestar Runner
  107. “Hey, The Cheat! You did it! High five!” – Strong Bad
  108. “I’ll high five ya on the way out!” – Homestar Runner
  109. “No, no, no. Everybody’s, everybody’s stupid.” – The King of Town
  110. “Hey, you ever see a triangle that’s blue?” – Homestar Runner
  111. “Eating paper’s a terrible, terrible disease.” – Homestar Runner
  112. “Can I ask you a question about lying on the internet?” – Homestar Runner
  113. “Now we’re talking to each other via the radio station!” – Homestar Runner
  114. “Doo hoo hoo, that’s gross!” – Homestar Runner
  115. “Emails, emails, emails. Let’s check the email.” – Strong Bad
  116. “I’m all about the sharp cheese.” – Strong Bad
  117. “You guys don’t know anything about science!” – Homestar Runner
  118. “Emailing is my favorite thing!” – Strong Bad
  119. “Oh, dang, this is an email.” – Homestar Runner
  120. “You ruined my computer!” – Strong Bad
  121. Oh, my gosh, guys! It’s Marzipan! We’re all gonna get grounded!” – Homestar Runner
  122. “I’m having an email-checking party!” – Homestar Runner
  123. “Why, oh why, does the world have to find out about my ketchup deficiency?!” – Strong Bad
  124. “One cheese, four breads, and make it snappy!” – Homestar Runner
  125. “I hate you guys! I just can’t say it enough!” – Strong Bad
  126. “Let’s see what’s in the pantry. Yeah, that’s a good idea.” – Homestar Runner
  127. “Remember, real ultimate power doesn’t come from the ninja, it comes from looking totally sweet!” – The Cheat
  128. “I know that you’ve probably been trying to reach me for like 45 minutes, but I’ve been working on my email!” – Homestar Runner
  129. “Time to give the fan, like, a bonus or something.” – Strong Bad
  130. “I’m eavesdropping, and it’s none of my business, but I love doing it!” – Homestar Runner
  131. “My solution to this problem is ridiculous!” – Homestar Runner
  132. “Rude! I’ll have no more of it!” – Strong Bad
  133. “Ooh, it’s a drawing of an elephant doing what elephants do.” – Homestar Runner
  134. “I’m gonna be sleep deprived and crabby!” – Homestar Runner
  135. “Is it time to take my hat off yet?” – Homestar Runner
  136. “Oooh, my new pants are on fire!” – Homestar Runner
  137. “Check me out. I’m burning up over here!” – Homestar Runner
  138. “A mighty windswept adventure awaits us!” – Homestar Runner
  139. “Okay, I have all the ingredients.” – Homestar Runner
  140. “I’ll be there in a second! I’m warming up my engines!” – Homestar Runner
  141. “I need to make myself… wetter.” – Homestar Runner
  142. “This computer has too much memory!” – Strong Bad
  143. “You said you would, and you did. This is what I have to say: you’re a cool guy.” – Homestar Runner
  144. “I can’t see the Internet! How can you check your email if you can’t see the Internet?” – Homestar Runner
  145. “I want to play a game, but I don’t want to play a game. What am I gonna do?” – Homestar Runner
  146. “This one’s mine. I’m gonna put it in my room. On the ceiling.” – Homestar Runner
  147. “I’m gonna jump in the computer!” – Homestar Runner
  148. “What’s in the box? What’s in the box? What’s in the box?!” – Homestar Runner
  149. “You think you’re the king of emails, don’t you?” – Strong Bad
  150. “Look, man! I’m just telling it like it is!” – Strong Bad
  151. “I’m making this bread all the way!” – Homestar Runner
  152. “Oh, emails, I love checking emails.” – Homestar Runner
  153. “That’s it, I’ve had enough of this dumb game!” – Strong Bad
  154. “What if a bus comes by and there’s some wieners on the bus?” – Homestar Runner
  155. “I’m just practicing my shape making!” – Homestar Runner
  156. “I’m practicing my tiny jumps, my tiny jumps!” – Homestar Runner
  157. “That’s a lot of bread, but it’s not enough!” – Homestar Runner
  158. “You’re a lousy email checker!” – Homestar Runner
  159. “I’m a fan of the uh… printing out the emails and just taking them with me.” – Homestar Runner
  160. “I’m painting this ceiling with emails!” – Homestar Runner
  161. “I’m gonna put in some letters and, like, some exclamation points.” – Homestar Runner
  162. “I’m just gonna print it out and keep it in my wallet.” – Homestar Runner
  163. “This is a tricky one. I’m not gonna like this.” – Homestar Runner
  164. “A little party, don’t need no party.” – Homestar Runner
  165. “I’m pretty good at checking my email.” – Homestar Runner
  166. “I’m gonna take it and put it on my shelf.” – Homestar Runner
  167. “I’ll take care of this thing. I got the high score!” – Homestar Runner
  168. “I’m gonna turn the fan on high and put the ball up in the air!” – Homestar Runner
  169. “I think I’m gonna turn on the fan and point it at the ceiling!” – Homestar Runner
  170. “It’s time to say the words.” – Homestar Runner
  171. I’m totally over it. I’m not gonna talk about it anymore.” – Homestar Runner
  172. “Yeah, what do you think I was gonna do, check my email?” – Homestar Runner
  173. “Get this! Email is a pretty cool thing. It can do all sorts of stuff!” – Homestar Runner
  174. “I’m so excited that I’m shaking!” – Homestar Runner
  175. “I want you to check my email. I don’t have time!” – Strong Bad
  176. “Get on the phone. Everybody you know! Tell them the email show is on!” – Homestar Runner
  177. “I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m taking you out of my band.” – Homestar Runner
  178. “It’s not the end of the world, or is it?” – Homestar Runner
  179. “I don’t wanna check my email!” – Strong Bad
  180. “Aw, man! If only there was a way to find out who sent it!” – Homestar Runner
  181. “I’m gonna have to call for backup!” – Homestar Runner
  182. “These are the things that I say, say! Say the things that I say, say!” – Homestar Runner
  183. “Man, The Cheat, I’m so excited about our band!” – Homestar Runner
  184. “I wanna hang this email up on the wall!” – Homestar Runner
  185. “I don’t wanna check my email, Strong Bad! You do it!” – Homestar Runner
  186. “Oh, I gotta take the hat off for this one.” – Homestar Runner
  187. “I’m not doing that anymore. You guys do it!” – Strong Bad
  188. “You’re a big girl now. You can check your own email.” – Strong Bad
  189. “And I’m happy to call you a thousand million times!” – Homestar Runner
  190. “I’m not gonna play this game anymore. It’s just… not fun.” – Homestar Runner
  191. “I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no.” – Strong Bad
  192. “Hey, what did I just say about not checking your email?!” – Homestar Runner
  193. “Let’s build it up and put it on the internet!” – Homestar Runner
  194. “This is how it’s gonna work. I’m gonna check my email!” – Homestar Runner
  195. “Sometimes it’s like you don’t even know me.” – Homestar Runner
  196. “I’m gonna keep doing this!” – Homestar Runner
  197. “I don’t wanna do it. You do it!” – Strong Bad
  198. “This is me checking my email.” – Homestar Runner
  199. “I’m ready to check my email.” – Homestar Runner
  200. “It’s time to check my email.” – Homestar Runner


Final Words;


¬†Homestar Runner’s quotes are a testament to the wit, humor, and offbeat charm that have made the series a beloved staple in internet culture. The characters’ quirky catchphrases, inside jokes, and humorous exchanges have brought laughter and joy to countless viewers. As we reminisce on these quotes, we are reminded of the enduring appeal of Homestar Runner, a series that continues to entertain and unite fans with its zany antics and wordplay. Whether it’s Homestar’s absurd musings, Strong Bad’s sarcastic quips, or any other character’s memorable lines, Homestar Runner has left an indelible mark on the internet’s cultural landscape, proving that sometimes, all you need are a few hilarious quotes to brighten your day.

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