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Kanye West, the enigmatic and innovative hip-hop artist, has not only left an indelible mark on the music industry but has also inspired millions with his thought-provoking lyrics. In his critically acclaimed album “Graduation,” released in 2007, Kanye offered a collection of profound quotes and verses that resonated with listeners, encouraging them to embrace change, self-improvement, and personal growth. This album, much like its title, symbolized a pivotal moment in Kanye’s career and life, and it remains a timeless source of motivation and wisdom.




Best Kanye Graduation Qoutes


  1. “I guess we’ll never know what Harvard gets us.”
  2. “I ain’t here to argue about his facial features.”
  3. “I wonder what it feel like to do that shit in real life.”
  4. “You’ve been putting up with my shit just way too long.”
  5. “I’m trying to right my wrongs, but it’s funny the same wrongs helped me write this song.”
  6. “Find your dreams come true, and I wonder if you know what it means to find your dreams.”
  7. “Every year, the Super Bowl seems to look like the Super Bowl.”
  8. “They say people in your life are seasons, and anything that happens is for a reason.”
  9. “Can’t tell me nothing right?”
  10. “I can’t let these dream killers kill my self-esteem.”
  11. “I miss the old Kanye.”
  12. “Man, it’s so hard not to act reckless.”
  13. “Yeah, this the real one, baby, I’m tellin’ you.”
  14. “May your pain be champagne.”
  15. “I’m flyin’ high, and I’m never coming down.”
  16. “Good life, let’s go on a living spree.”
  17. “I just want to be a teen forever.”
  18. “I’ll never turn my back, but the wind will make me look back.”
  19. “I know I act a fool, but I promise you I’m going back to school.”
  20. “We gon’ have a good time, and no, we don’t wanna hurt nobody.”
  21. “I need you right now.”
  22. “Let’s get lost tonight.”
  23. “I know I did damage to your heart.”
  24. “Drive slow, homie.”
  25. “I’m just trying to find, find the one that can fix me.”
  26. “You’re my devil, you’re my angel.”
  27. “I don’t want much, I just want it all.”
  28. “You’re not perfect, but you’re not your mistakes.”
  29. “You say I think I’m never wrong. You know what? Maybe you’re right.”
  30. “You know just what we want.”
  31. “You should be honored by my lateness.”
  32. “When it feels so good, it’s got to be right.”
  33. “I know you’re tired of loving with nobody to love.”
  34. “Can we get much higher?”
  35. “Can’t a young man make money anymore?”
  36. “The good life, it feel like Atlanta. It feel like L.A., it feel like Miami.”
  37. “How many people you know can take it this far?”
  38. “I’m a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph.”
  39. “We headed to the top, if you’re coming, come on!”
  40. “Keep risin’ till the sky knows your name.”
  41. “You can’t stop the movement.”
  42. “And I heard ’em say, nothin’s ever promised tomorrow today.”
  43. “No more parties in L.A.”
  44. “We could’ve been somebody.”
  45. “My childlike creativity, purity, and honesty is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts.”
  46. “I’m up all night, getting faded.”
  47. “This is way too much, I need a moment.”
  48. “Can I talk my sh*t again?”
  49. “I’m just young enough to still believe.”
  50. “Everybody sayin’ what’s not for him.”
  51. “I’m ahead of my time, sometimes years out.”
  52. “How many ladies in the house? How many ladies in the house without a spouse?”
  53. “You’re my number one, with the lemonade.”
  54. “Can’t tell me nothin’ about this car I’m in.”
  55. “I’m just trying to change the color on your mood ring.”
  56. “When I grab your neck, I touch your soul.”
  57. “I’m so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most.”
  58. “You’re not perfect, but you’re not your mistakes.”
  59. “This the real world, homie, school finished.”
  60. “What’s scary to me is Henny makes girls look like Halle Berry to me.”
  61. “People talk so much sh*t about me at barbershops.”
  62. “They say you never know what you got till it’s gone.”
  63. “I’ll be late for that, baby, I’ll wait for that.”
  64. “This is the theme song.”
  65. “My mind moves so fast I can’t even fathom it.”
  66. “I guess we got lost in the travel of it all.”
  67. “Do you know how I feel?”
  68. “Baby, you’re awesome.”
  69. “Let’s take it back to the first party.”
  70. “Don’t talk about style, ’cause I’ll embarrass you.”
  71. “Somebody tell me who’s the best.”
  72. “We could have been somebody.”
  73. “When it’s all said and done, everybody gon’ remember.”
  74. “I’m up on the stage with smoke in my lungs.”
  75. “If you don’t jump to put jeans on, baby, you don’t feel my pain.”
  76. “I guess we’ll never know what Harvard gets us.”
  77. “My friend showed me pictures of his kids, and all I could show him was pictures of my cribs.”
  78. “Tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor.”
  79. “I don’t know but today seems kinda odd.”
  80. “I’m so high, I can touch the sky.”
  81. “It’s been a while, I know I shouldn’t have kept you.”
  82. “And what’s a black Beatle anyway?”
  83. “They say time is money, but really, it’s not.”
  84. “I’m in a life without a home so this recognition’s not enough.”
  85. “Man, I promise, I’m so self-conscious.”
  86. “Don’t stop, keep it moving, put this thing in drive.”
  87. “How we stop the Black Panthers? Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer.”
  88. “My mind’s tellin’ me no but my body, my body’s tellin’ me yes.”
  89. “I’m in love with you, but the vibe is wrong.”
  90. “I’m good, I’m good.”
  91. “I get down for my grandfather who took my momma.”
  92. “It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you.”
  93. “How we stop the Black Panthers? I don’t know.”
  94. “I’m like a fly Malcolm X, buy any jeans necessary.”
  95. “Even if you in a Benz, you still a n*gga in a coupe.”
  96. “The prettiest people do the ugliest things.”
  97. “Drive slow, homie.”
  98. “You treat a man like a real man.”
  99. “Somebody ordered pancakes. I just sip the sizzurp.”
  100. “Your love is fadin’, I feel it.”
  101. I got the right to put up a fight, but not quite ’cause you cut off my light.”
  102. “I know I act a fool, but I promise you I’m going back to school.”
  103. “Where the bad bitches, huh? Where you hiding?”
  104. “The people talking, the people talking. The way I feel, I feel like walking.”
  105. “You know how long I’ve been on ya? Since Prince was on Apollonia.”
  106. “You’re my end and my beginning.”
  107. “Don’t leave while you’re hot. That’s how Mase screwed up.”
  108. “And I’m so shy, oh, no, no, no, yeah, yeah, yeah.”
  109. “I’m waiting on this. It’s been a long time, yeah.”
  110. “And I wonder if you know what it means to find your dreams.”
  111. “Oh, we’re going to take it off your shoulders.”
  112. “You must like me for me.”
  113. “I feel so accomplished.”
  114. “It don’t gotta be Mother’s Day or your birthday for me to just call and say, ‘Hey.'”
  115. “And if they hate, then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up.”
  116. “And I’m sorry for when I’m acting light-skinned.”
  117. “At the mall, there was a seance. Just kids, no parents.”
  118. “It’s funny, ’cause at first, we were just some n*ggas, but now we’re the black card members.”
  119. “Somebody told me that this planet was small. We used to live in the same building on the same floor.”
  120. “There’s a thousand yous. There’s only one of me.”
  121. “I’m just trying to find, I’ve been looking for the one, have you seen her?”
  122. “That’s why I’m in it and I can’t get out.”
  123. “I’m trying to buy back our 40 acres.”
  124. “I just needed time alone with my own thoughts.”
  125. “My addiction, I’m addicted to a life that’s so empty and so cold.”
  126. “But they’re just trying to find where you stay at.”
  127. “And I can’t thank you enough.”
  128. “Our unspoken words, we don’t speak.”
  129. “You know how long I’ve been on ya? Since O.J. had Isotoners.”
  130. “But if you know about the bag you know about the stash.”
  131. “Sometimes I wish she would just run up on me with a happy face.”
  132. “Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign.”
  133. “We could live in the moment. I’m right now with ya.”
  134. “Only thing we got in common is I’m a dog and you’re a wolf.”
  135. “And you know how long I’ve been on ya? Since the West was on the Altered.”
  136. “Look back on my life, and my life gone.”
  137. “Treat your friends like my Benz. Park they ass outside ’til the evening ends.”
  138. “Maybe we could still make it to the church steps.”
  139. “My best friend said she used to f*ck with Usher.”
  140. “She found pictures in my email.”
  141. “What more can you ask for? The international *sshole.”
  142. “I ain’t one of the Cosbys. I ain’t go to Hillman.”
  143. “My great-great-grandchildren already rich. That’s a lot of brown chi’ldren on your Forbes list.”
  144. “You can’t f*ck with me.”
  145. “I ain’t no better than anybody else.”
  146. “I’m a superstar.”
  147. “You know just what we want.”
  148. “It’s always awkward when I’m in a club.”
  149. “I can’t wait much longer.”
  150. “All I need is y’all to pronounce my name. It’s Kanye, but some of my plaques, they still say Kayne.”
  151. “Life is all about the evolution.”
  152. “Do you have the power to let power go?”
  153. “This is my theme song.”
  154. “We don’t want no devils in the house.”
  155. “Stay up, and don’t let me come down.”
  156. “How you gon’ be mad on vacation?”
  157. “I always knew I was a star.”
  158. “She was supposed to buy your shorty Tyco with your money.”
  159. “Fifty told me, ‘Go ‘head, switch the style up.'”
  160. “It’s hard to say it’s over.”
  161. “I can’t find you in my closet.”
  162. “I’m like a light skinned slave. Boy, we in the mtherfcking shade.”
  163. “You must be used to me spending. And all that sweet wining and dining.”
  164. “Every argument, every word.”
  165. “I just needed time alone with my own thoughts.”
  166. “We gon’ start a new movement.”
  167. “How ‘Ye doin’? I’m surviving.”
  168. “You’d think I was burnt, the way I floss with a big turn.”
  169. “You can still be who you wish you is.”
  170. “I need every bad b*tch up in Equinox.”
  171. “I’m not sure what the trouble was that started all of this.”
  172. “You ain’t got no Yeezy?”
  173. “Now, we all can be with the movie stars.”
  174. “We taking too long. You can find me on your way home.”
  175. “I’m still on my own. Every night I fall asleep with you.”
  176. “We were the real thing, not just another short fling.”
  177. “You’ve given up on the dreams you try to build.”
  178. “Y’all can’t stop me now.”
  179. “The feeling is over, and I know it.”
  180. “And you’re my obsession. My fetish, my new addiction.”
  181. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the good life.”
  182. “But what’s worse? The pain or the hangover?”
  183. “Never talk to the cops. I don’t speak pig Latin.”
  184. “I’m ahead of my time, sometimes years out.”
  185. “Now that don’t kill me can only make me stronger.”
  186. “I get it. I run the city. I own the town.”
  187. “You think I’m so materialistic.”
  188. “I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly.”
  189. “You see it’s leaders and it’s followers, but I’d rather be a d*ck than a swallower.”
  190. “I told you to wait ’til I get my money right.”
  191. “Lifestyles of the broke and the famous.”
  192. “Wait ’til I get my money right.”
  193. “Man, I promise, I’m so self-conscious.”
  194. “I ain’t here to argue about his facial features.”
  195. “The plan was to drink until the pain over.”
  196. “Now, this would be a beautiful death.”
  197. “You see, you wouldn’t ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals.”
  198. “Find your dreams come true, and I wonder if you know what it means to find your dreams.”
  199. “I know my destination, but I’m just not there.”
  200. “I’m flyin’ high, and I’m never coming down.”



Final Words;


Kanye West’s “Graduation” quotes have become timeless gems that continue to inspire individuals to strive for personal growth and self-improvement. The album’s powerful lyrics touch on themes of ambition, change, and resilience, making it a valuable resource for those seeking motivation and guidance on their journey through life. In the world of music and self-expression, Kanye West’s “Graduation” will always stand as a testament to the power of words and music in shaping our paths to success and self-discovery. It serves as a reminder that, no matter where we come from or what challenges we face, we can all graduate to a brighter, better future.

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