Life Is Strange Qoutes

“Life is Strange,” a groundbreaking video game series by Dontnod Entertainment, is celebrated not only for its immersive storytelling and unique gameplay but also for its profound and thought-provoking quotes. This episodic adventure game introduces players to Max Caulfield, a young photographer with the power to rewind time, and explores themes of friendship, choice, and the consequences of one’s actions. The game’s characters share insights and wisdom that resonate deeply with players, leaving a lasting impact beyond the screen. In this exploration, we’ll delve into some of the most powerful and memorable quotes from “Life is Strange” and uncover the layers of meaning they hold.



Best Life Is Strange Qoutes


  1. “When a door closes, a window opens… or something like that.” – Max Caulfield
  2. “I’m so sick of people trying to control me!” – Chloe Price
  3. “Life is strange, and so are we.” – Max Caulfield
  4. “I’m not scared. I’m ready to do this.” – Max Caulfield
  5. “Sometimes all I want to do is shut my eyes and tell the world to go to hell.” – Chloe Price
  6. “But I can still change things. I can make things right.” – Max Caulfield
  7. “What we do here is… little pieces of time.” – Max Caulfield
  8. “I’m just trying to live life without a fast forward button.” – Max Caulfield
  9. “Chaos theory means shit happens, right?” – Chloe Price
  10. “You have to play this game fast.” – Max Caulfield
  11. “We’re all gonna die someday. That’s what we sign up for, right?” – Chloe Price
  12. “I don’t have to live with the consequences of my actions.” – Max Caulfield
  13. “I guess we all owe a debt to something.” – Max Caulfield
  14. “You didn’t ask for any of this, but it’s all happening in front of you.” – Chloe Price
  15. “I think the universe is talking to us.” – Max Caulfield
  16. “All I want is to find a way to live together.” – Chloe Price
  17. “The past was in the past. Am I pushing myself too hard?” – Max Caulfield
  18. “I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair.” – Chloe Price
  19. “But I need that photo from Warren to help Chloe.” – Max Caulfield
  20. “It’s weird hanging out with you again.” – Chloe Price
  21. “There’s so much I want to tell you.” – Max Caulfield
  22. “I’m sorry, William.” – Chloe Price
  23. “This action will have consequences.” – Max Caulfield
  24. “I can’t keep fixing everything if all I’m gonna do is break it over and over.” – Chloe Price
  25. “I just don’t know what to make of it.” – Max Caulfield
  26. “I think it’s awesome you set a tongue record on video.” – Chloe Price
  27. “You’re not the only one in debt.” – Max Caulfield
  28. “Maybe it’s not a good idea.” – Chloe Price
  29. “That’s so cool that you remember that.” – Max Caulfield
  30. “What if I rewind again and give him the right answer?” – Chloe Price
  31. “Time to batten down the hatches.” – Max Caulfield
  32. “Come on, we can totally relate.” – Chloe Price
  33. “I know there has to be a less traumatic way.” – Max Caulfield
  34. “You have a home, family, people who care about you.” – Chloe Price
  35. “The worst thing you can do is treat me like a baby.” – Max Caulfield
  36. “You know, like it never happened.” – Chloe Price
  37. “Don’t ever tell me what to do.” – Max Caulfield
  38. “This is not where I want to die.” – Chloe Price
  39. “You were here today, Max. You saved me.” – Max Caulfield
  40. “Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you’ve ever been to stand up taller than you ever were.” – Chloe Price
  41. “We need a new secret hangout. At least Frank wouldn’t find us there.” – Max Caulfield
  42. “I had this totally great vision.” – Chloe Price
  43. “Don’t you feel like you’re missing something?” – Max Caulfield
  44. “I’m still pissed about the way this happened.” – Chloe Price
  45. “We just need to connect the players and find out who really killed Kate.” – Max Caulfield
  46. “You’re the ones who got expelled, and they weren’t even your weed!” – Chloe Price
  47. “I just had another vision. The town is going to get wiped out by a tornado.” – Max Caulfield
  48. “I didn’t even smoke any weed.” – Chloe Price
  49. “We are going to get into the Two Whales Diner. What do they think of the plan?” – Max Caulfield
  50. “So, we have to go outside and get in the RV.” – Chloe Price
  51. “I can’t go through all that.” – Max Caulfield
  52. “Well, the hurricane is headed straight for the town.” – Chloe Price
  53. “We have to be careful how I use it.” – Max Caulfield
  54. “Stop treating me like a baby.” – Chloe Price
  55. “Oh, absolutely, it’s all about the little pieces of time.” – Max Caulfield
  56. “Nobody’s in charge here.” – Chloe Price
  57. “I want to go with you. But we have to get going.” – Max Caulfield
  58. “We have to talk about the question you asked me last night.” – Chloe Price
  59. “We need to get through this maze.” – Max Caulfield
  60. “I just want this to be a special time.” – Chloe Price
  61. “Life is strange, but you have to take the shot.” – Max Caulfield
  62. “Chloe, we can go to the diner later. I need to take a photo now.” – Max Caulfield
  63. “I’ve got a ton of Blackwell brochures, so I hope you’re ready for a lot of homework.” – Max Caulfield
  64. “I could frame any one of you in a dark corner and capture you in a moment of desperation.” – Mark Jefferson
  65. “Max, don’t freak out. Not yet.” – Chloe Price
  66. “That’s the only tourist picture I let them take of me at the Space Needle.” – Max Caulfield
  67. “But I want to play the game!” – Kate Marsh
  68. “You don’t have to do this, Max.” – Chloe Price
  69. “Always remember this moment.” – Max Caulfield
  70. “This is where the magic happens.” – Warren Graham
  71. “I think everything is changing here.” – Max Caulfield
  72. “I have a little time before Mr. Jefferson’s class, so I can do some wandering.” – Max Caulfield
  73. “I don’t want anybody to feel excluded from this process, but I also want everybody to know that this photographic world is not for everybody.” – Mark Jefferson
  74. “You’re not crazy, Max. You’re not dreaming. It’s time to be an everyday hero.” – Kate Marsh
  75. “Max, we are going to be so proud of what we did someday.” – Chloe Price
  76. “Life needs a little mystery.” – Max Caulfield
  77. “Sometimes all I want to do is shut my eyes and tell the world to go to hell.” – Chloe Price
  78. “I don’t want to die, I want to find out what my purpose is.” – Rachel Amber
  79. “I still can’t stop thinking about Kate.” – Max Caulfield
  80. “I just wanted to feel like a normal student after this week’s ultraviolence.” – Warren Graham
  81. “Don’t let life pass you by.” – Max Caulfield
  82. “Max, start from the beginning. Tell me everything.” – Chloe Price
  83. “Everything is connected, and I can see all those moments in time like you’re seeing it.” – Max Caulfield
  84. “We can always escape.” – Chloe Price
  85. “This action will have consequences.” – In-game notification
  86. “I don’t care if this is a dream or a nightmare. I’m taking this picture.” – Max Caulfield
  87. “You can’t go back to your home again.” – Warren Graham
  88. “How cute I looked yet not so innocent.” – Rachel Amber
  89. “I’m sorry, but I can’t make it.” – Max Caulfield
  90. “Don’t ever touch me again, freak.” – Nathan Prescott
  91. “I should’ve been paying more attention.” – Max Caulfield
  92. “Kate never met me at all.” – Max Caulfield
  93. “You’re my business now.” – Chloe Price
  94. “So this is how Max gets her revenge on.” – Nathan Prescott
  95. “All I had to do was ask for your number.” – Max Caulfield
  96. “You’re giving me a look I haven’t seen for a while.” – Warren Graham
  97. “I have a little time before Mr. Jefferson’s class, so I can do some wandering.” – Max Caulfield
  98. “You always know the right time to go” – Victoria Chase
  99. “I don’t have much time, Max.” – Chloe Price
  100. “I’d rather have her be a good friend than she would have a great future.” – David Madsen
  101. I can’t believe you hung out with him.” – Warren Graham
  102. “I bet I could suss out some major clues in Rachel’s stepfather’s office.” – Chloe Price
  103. “Max, the Blackwell honor student.” – Chloe Price
  104. “She’s in good hands with Chloe.” – Max Caulfield
  105. “Life is… weird.” – Max Caulfield
  106. “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Max Caulfield
  107. “What’s done is done.” – In-game notification
  108. “I could go for a burger now.” – Max Caulfield
  109. “The two whales makes the best Belgian waffles.” – Max Caulfield
  110. “What do you truly want to do when you grow up?” – Principal Ray Wells
  111. “Are you shitting me?” – Chloe Price
  112. “This action will have consequences.” – In-game notification
  113. “I just have to get her out of this space-time continuum.” – Max Caulfield
  114. “What’s going on between you and Rachel Amber?” – Chloe Price
  115. “Don’t ever touch me again, freak.” – Nathan Prescott
  116. “You didn’t tell me how cute I looked yet.” – Rachel Amber
  117. “She’s not dreaming of a strange crazy town.” – Max Caulfield
  118. “She can’t be dead. No, God.” – Chloe Price
  119. “I’m so bummed you guys aren’t coming back.” – Max Caulfield
  120. “Don’t get high like in my room.” – Chloe Price
  121. We’ll find out if they’re going to the movies or to the diner.” – Max Caulfield
  122. “Not after seeing you.” – Warren Graham
  123. “Who knew?” – Chloe Price
  124. “Now we’re officially a trio.” – Chloe Price
  125. “My powers might not last, Chloe.” – Max Caulfield
  126. “Just in case you need it.” – Chloe Price
  127. “What if it’s not coming back?” – Max Caulfield
  128. “I feel like stage diving.” – Chloe Price
  129. “You can rewind time, Max. That’s fucking insane.” – Chloe Price
  130. “I’m a real scientist. Even though I play one at school.” – Warren Graham
  131. “This is gonna be so cool, slow mo.” – Chloe Price
  132. “I love you so much.” – Chloe Price
  133. “Max, you are being so fucking strange.” – Chloe Price
  134. “I’m with you to the end, Chloe.” – Max Caulfield
  135. “We were going to the drive-in.” – Chloe Price
  136. “Time for a picture?” – Max Caulfield
  137. “Love feels like crap.” – Chloe Price
  138. “I will always believe you, Chloe.” – Max Caulfield
  139. “Do you want to go hit the girls’ potty and smoke?” – Chloe Price
  140. “But you’re a nerd.” – Chloe Price
  141. “Are you okay? We lost you there for a second.” – Chloe Price
  142. “Life is a series of choices, right?” – Max Caulfield
  143. “What the hell are we doing out here?” – Chloe Price
  144. “I don’t want to say that.” – Max Caulfield
  145. “I’m ready to bonk you.” – Chloe Price
  146. “You are magic, Max. I will miss you.” – Chloe Price
  147. “My mind and body are breaking down into nothing.” – Max Caulfield
  148. “You are the worst, Max.” – Chloe Price
  149. “This is a nightmare. I’m not here. This isn’t happening.” – Max Caulfield
  150. “I’ve been put through so much crap, okay?” – Chloe Price
  151. “Dude, you broke my glass snow-dough.” – Warren Graham
  152. “Why do you want to be part of the Blackwell club?” – Nathan Prescott
  153. “Good thing I’m so nosy.” – Max Caulfield
  154. “But can you get me a burger and a shake?” – Chloe Price
  155. “I am going to get this right.” – Max Caulfield
  156. “Get the hell out of here, Max.” – Chloe Price
  157. “Wait, one more for the road.” – Chloe Price
  158. “I’m glad I was there to watch.” – Max Caulfield
  159. “I’m sorry, Warren.” – Chloe Price
  160. “We have to look out for each other.” – Max Caulfield
  161. “You have to find a time machine, Max.” – Chloe Price
  162. “You made the right decision. Chloe comes first.” – Chloe’s Mom
  163. “She was my angel. After my dad died and you moved.” – Chloe Price
  164. “There’s still time for you.” – Max Caulfield
  165. “See you around, Max.” – Chloe Price
  166. “But whatever. It’s done.” – Frank Bowers
  167. “I will go ape with you.” – Chloe Price
  168. “That’s why I’m here.” – Max Caulfield
  169. “You’re part of the problem, Missy.” – Chloe Price
  170. “Just go. Start the car.” – Max Caulfield
  171. “Be grateful you’re here.” – Chloe Price
  172. “Let’s hit the showers now.” – Chloe Price
  173. “And when will that be?” – Max Caulfield
  174. “You took away my step-stone.” – Chloe Price
  175. “Get in, Max.” – Chloe Price
  176. “What if Kate brought this on herself?” – Victoria Chase
  177. “You do best when you’re in the land of the free.” – Chloe Price
  178. “I want everything you have.” – Max Caulfield
  179. “I’m taking the bus out of Arcadia Bay.” – Chloe Price
  180. “I’ll miss you Max.” – Chloe Price
  181. “It’s not the end, Max.” – Warren Graham
  182. “We’ll always be best friends.” – Chloe Price
  183. “I was impressed by your drive and dedication.” – Principal Ray Wells
  184. “You didn’t give a shit about me.” – Chloe Price
  185. “I can’t believe you actually helped me.” – Frank Bowers
  186. “You will never be alone again.” – Chloe Price
  187. “This was my real father’s camera.” – Max Caulfield
  188. “I’ll see you at the club.” – Chloe Price
  189. “You can’t talk, Max.” – Chloe Price
  190. “You are like a different person.” – David Madsen
  191. “I’m scared too, Max.” – Chloe Price
  192. “This is like you are not really here.” – Chloe Price
  193. “You know how much this session means to us.” – Mark Jefferson
  194. “I feel like I just went through a time loop.” – Max Caulfield
  195. “I’m happy for you, and I want to look at pictures.” – Chloe Price
  196. “Keep that to yourself.” – Frank Bowers
  197. “We’ll have to be really fucking careful.” – Chloe Price
  198. “I can’t bear to see you with Jefferson.” – Chloe Price
  199. “Let’s start from the beginning.” – Warren Graham
  200. “Never mind how happy Kate is.” – Chloe Price

Final Words;


“Life is Strange” isn’t just a game; it’s an emotional journey that challenges us to make difficult decisions, to face the consequences of our choices, and to appreciate the precious moments of life. The quotes from the game are more than lines of dialogue; they’re reflections of the human experience, capturing the beauty and complexity of life, love, and friendship. As we bid farewell to the captivating world of “Life is Strange,” let us carry these quotes with us, embracing the lessons they offer on the significance of our connections with others, the power of empathy, and the enduring impact of our actions. In a world where time can’t be rewound, these quotes remind us to cherish every moment and treasure the bonds we form along the way.

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