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“Persona 5,” a critically acclaimed role-playing video game, not only captivated players with its immersive narrative and gameplay but also with its memorable and thought-provoking quotes. The game weaves a tale of high school students turned vigilante thieves, exploring themes of rebellion, society, and personal growth. Within its story, the characters share insights and wisdom that extend beyond the realm of gaming. In this exploration, we’ll dive into some of the most striking and resonant quotes from “Persona 5” and uncover the profound meaning they hold.


Best Persona 5 Qoutes


  1. “I am thou, thou art I. Thou hast acquired a new vow. It shall become the wings of rebellion that breaketh thy chains of captivity.” – Igor
  2. “A dream is something that keeps you moving forward, even if it’s just one step at a time.” – Makoto Niijima
  3. “I am not a cat! And I am not a bus!” – Morgana
  4. “Take your time.” – Sojiro Sakura
  5. “The world is not as just as you think.” – Makoto Niijima
  6. “I’d like to think that it’s my own feelings that have reached her.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  7. “Now I’m even more charming!” – Ann Takamaki
  8. “You have that glint in your eye, like you’re plotting something.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  9. “You can call me… Joker.” – Protagonist
  10. “I don’t want to run away anymore. I don’t want to look away. I want to be proud of who I am!” – Haru Okumura
  11. “The metaverse is a place where distorted desires take form.” – Morgana
  12. “I will go and turn myself in. I won’t let them take all the blame for my sin.” – Goro Akechi
  13. “People are not as they appear to be. People are not as trustworthy as they seem.” – Futaba Sakura
  14. “You don’t have to do this, but if you don’t, you’ll just be the same as the rest of them.” – Sadayo Kawakami
  15. “No matter where you go, you’ll come back. The real you is always there.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  16. “The will of rebellion is a guiding thread that will pierce through the mask of hypocrisy.” – Morgana
  17. “I think you’re pretty cool, Joker.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  18. “Sometimes, you just gotta do things yourself.” – Makoto Niijima
  19. “I can feel it…myself, changing. Like I’m finally being true to myself.” – Futaba Sakura
  20. “Life’s about knowing what you want, and going after it with everything you’ve got.” – Protagonist
  21. “I’ve been living a false life. I want to know the real me. Who am I, really?” – Makoto Niijima
  22. “I am no stranger to scandal.” – Ann Takamaki
  23. “The stronger the heart, the more the shadows are drawn to it.” – Morgana
  24. “Sometimes the truth of a person’s heart is in the art they create.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  25. “We should be relieved that we managed to get everyone out of the casino safely.” – Futaba Sakura
  26. “Justice is on our side!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  27. “Who needs coffee to stay awake when I have the power of youth on my side?” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  28. “You can call me Noir.” – Haru Okumura
  29. “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself for it.” – Akechi Goro
  30. “You can’t have a change of heart for someone without a strong sense of self.” – Makoto Niijima
  31. “Everyone just goes with the flow and follows orders. That’s how humans are.” – Morgana
  32. “Your mask is the face of your rebellion.” – Morgana
  33. “This is your opportunity to rebel against a ‘fixed’ world!” – Makoto Niijima
  34. “The more you try to look into it, the hazier it gets. Trying to find the truth isn’t always the right answer.” – Futaba Sakura
  35. “It’s all about realizing what’s going on around you.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  36. “The truth is the ultimate power.” – Makoto Niijima
  37. “No matter what you say to me, I will live! Fire up my heart and let it burn!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  38. “I’ve been thinking… we can’t just steal their hearts and make them confess their crimes, right?” – Haru Okumura
  39. “I am that. Thou art I… If you yet seek true justice, we will see it done.” – Protagonist
  40. “People can turn into such creeps when you look at them the right way.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  41. “How do you define art?” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  42. “You can’t change the world without getting your hands dirty.” – Makoto Niijima
  43. “That’s our duty as the Phantom Thieves.” – Morgana
  44. “As long as you’re aware of your actions, you have nothing to fear.” – Sadayo Kawakami
  45. “Who needs sleep? There are far too many things to do and so little time.” – Makoto Niijima
  46. “I will follow my heart. That is my duty.” – Haru Okumura
  47. “A diary is a tool for collecting evidence.” – Morgana
  48. “This is truly an unjust game. Your chances of winning are almost none.” – Igor
  49. “The world is full of evil and lies. You can’t change that.” – Makoto Niijima
  50. “I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to quit being a phantom thief.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  51. “I am a bit occupied with teaching duties. But I can’t let you guys get all the action.” – Sadayo Kawakami
  52. “A trick doesn’t work if it’s seen through. The key to gaining the upper hand is to make the target believe they’re safe.” – Haru Okumura
  53. “The world’s full of awful adults. That’s why we’re going to change it.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  54. “It’s important to live for your own sake.” – Futaba Sakura
  55. “It’s not my business. I just let you do whatever you want.” – Morgana
  56. “I want to live up to the hopes of those who have supported me.” – Makoto Niijima
  57. “People are all talk… no action.” – Haru Okumura
  58. “Isn’t it nice having someone you can just let loose and be yourself around?” – Ann Takamaki
  59. “We all have to repay our debts sometime.” – Akechi Goro
  60. “Even if you think it’s impossible, I’ll help you the entire way.” – Makoto Niijima
  61. “No matter what it takes, I will bring you to justice!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  62. “Art is so pure and abstract. So why are you treating it like it’s nothing?” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  63. “People don’t expect much from me, but I do want to change the world.” – Haru Okumura
  64. “Even if you lose that spark in your eyes, it can be reignited.” – Morgana
  65. “I believe in the people’s justice. Taking your heart so you can’t hurt anyone.” – Makoto Niijima
  66. “I can feel a strong bond with my friends. I’ll cherish it.” – Protagonist
  67. “They may not know each other’s names, but it’s strange to know how others are feeling.” – Futaba Sakura
  68. “We will accomplish nothing if we act in haste.” – Makoto Niijima
  69. “I’m gonna show them all the truth!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  70. “But I’ll remember all the old legends from my home country, too.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  71. “I think I’ve realized something. I’ve experienced so much as a Phantom Thief.” – Haru Okumura
  72. “There’s no meaning to a flower unless it blooms.” – Morgana
  73. “You can’t just change the world by taking hearts.” – Akechi Goro
  74. “You must live in reality for now.” – Makoto Niijima
  75. “When you talk about justice, you sound like an idiot.” – Morgana
  76. “Stealing hearts is super exhausting.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  77. “To be the most beautiful means you’re the best.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  78. “What’s the point of all that hard work if you can’t show it off?” – Haru Okumura
  79. “It’s always important to start your morning with a hearty breakfast.” – Sojiro Sakura
  80. “Sometimes, you gotta surprise yourself.” – Makoto Niijima
  81. “I will live by my own convictions!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  82. “If you want me to paint you, you’ll have to pay me the price of my choosing.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  83. “I want to prove that I can stand on my own two feet!” – Haru Okumura
  84. “This isn’t how I thought things would turn out.” – Futaba Sakura
  85. “I will reveal the truth with my own hands.” – Makoto Niijima
  86. “They can do anything because no one dares to say no.” – Morgana
  87. “You just had to go and ask for information and talk about things you shouldn’t!” – Sadayo Kawakami
  88. “How about a game?” – Goro Akechi
  89. “The calm before the storm. It is at these times that you should look upon your past.” – Igor
  90. “Just remember, it’s okay to be yourself.” – Ann Takamaki
  91. “I’m gonna be myself.” – Makoto Niijima
  92. “I can feel it. My mind’s getting clearer.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  93. “We’re a group on a journey of justice.” – Haru Okumura
  94. “It’s a step forward.” – Morgana
  95. “That’s what makes life worth living.” – Makoto Niijima
  96. “I’ll keep going at my own pace!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  97. “I thought art might save me from myself.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  98. “You really love this place, don’t you?” – Haru Okumura
  99. “All I need to do is keep living to the fullest.” – Futaba Sakura
  100. “It’s a wonderful day for us to go out.” – Sojiro Sakura
  101. “It’s time to start being responsible for my own life.” – Makoto Niijima
  102. “I want to change this society that treats people unfairly!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  103. “Art, my dear friend, is a journey of emotions.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  104. “The path of the true Phantom Thief is different from what I’ve imagined.” – Haru Okumura
  105. “I won’t lose my way again.” – Futaba Sakura
  106. “You can’t have a relationship where you don’t see eye to eye.” – Ann Takamaki
  107. “You and me, we’re buddies.” – Morgana
  108. “Justice is like the cold air, clear and pure.” – Makoto Niijima
  109. “I won’t let myself be chained down.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  110. “I’ll change the world one brushstroke at a time.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  111. “I want to see how far I can go.” – Haru Okumura
  112. “I’m going to give it my all. I want to live without any regrets!” – Futaba Sakura
  113. “Be yourself, no matter what they say.” – Protagonist
  114. “The key to opening people’s hearts is to understand them.” – Makoto Niijima
  115. “I’m here to punish them on behalf of the weak!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  116. “Art doesn’t need a purpose; it’s the purpose itself.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  117. “The world is full of illogicality.” – Haru Okumura
  118. “I can’t let those kinds of people do whatever they want!” – Futaba Sakura
  119. “There’s no point in living if you lose the thrill of living.” – Morgana
  120. “I am thou… thou art I… Call on me whenever you want, Joker!” – Morgana
  121. “What matters is that I live on my own terms.” – Makoto Niijima
  122. “Let’s expose all those nasty adults who’ve been deceiving and taking advantage of people!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  123. “Art is nothing but a representation of the soul.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  124. “I have to do my best to help those in trouble.” – Haru Okumura
  125. “I will protect my friends.” – Futaba Sakura
  126. “The power to break free from being caged is within yourself.” – Protagonist
  127. “Sometimes, taking a step back is the best way forward.” – Makoto Niijima
  128. “I’m a Phantom Thief, so I can’t let you down!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  129. “The brush is a tool that the soul wields.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  130. “I’ll show them what true art is all about!” – Haru Okumura
  131. “I want to find a way to make our dreams come true.” – Futaba Sakura
  132. “You can’t let people treat you like you’re just a mascot.” – Morgana
  133. “I have a feeling our calling is coming up.” – Makoto Niijima
  134. “It’s our duty to change society.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  135. “Art, truth, and heart… those are the sources of my paintings.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  136. “I’ll grow stronger and stronger!” – Haru Okumura
  137. “I have to face my true self.” – Futaba Sakura
  138. “A strong heart is key to unlocking the door to a better future.” – Protagonist
  139. “Life is more precious than art.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  140. “I want to be a source of positivity.” – Haru Okumura
  141. “I’ll keep on finding my own path.” – Futaba Sakura
  142. “Every journey has its final day.” – Morgana
  143. “A society that lets unfaithful adults have their way is just.” – Makoto Niijima
  144. “We’ll expose all of their evil deeds!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  145. “My brush shall become the wings of rebellion that break the chains of captivity.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  146. “I’ll work hard to make my dreams come true.” – Haru Okumura
  147. “It’s important to cherish the bonds you have with others.” – Futaba Sakura
  148. “I believe in the potential within people’s hearts.” – Protagonist
  149. “In order to change the world, we need to start by changing ourselves.” – Makoto Niijima
  150. “I’ll become a better person.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  151. “Art is a source of endless beauty.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  152. “I want to make sure everyone is happy!” – Haru Okumura
  153. “I want to be able to face my fears head-on.” – Futaba Sakura
  154. “The world is full of possibilities.” – Morgana
  155. “No one else decides how I live my life!” – Makoto Niijima
  156. “We’ll change the world, one heart at a time.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  157. “I’ll paint a new world with my art!” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  158. “I want to create a place where everyone can be themselves.” – Haru Okumura
  159. “I’ll protect my friends, no matter what!” – Futaba Sakura
  160. “I’ll be true to myself, no matter what.” – Protagonist
  161. “Changing the world isn’t easy, but we have to try.” – Makoto Niijima
  162. “I’ll never stop fighting for justice!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  163. “Art is a window into the soul.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  164. “I want to create a world where people can live in peace.” – Haru Okumura
  165. “I want to uncover the truth hidden in people’s hearts.” – Futaba Sakura
  166. “Believe in yourself and your friends.” – Morgana
  167. “I’ll stand up for what I believe in!” – Makoto Niijima
  168. “The world needs more people who aren’t afraid to take a stand.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  169. “I’ll use my art to change the world!” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  170. “I want to make the world a better place.” – Haru Okumura
  171. “I’ll help my friends and protect them!” – Futaba Sakura
  172. “We’ll create a brighter future.” – Protagonist
  173. “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.” – Morgana
  174. “I’ll never stop fighting for what’s right.” – Makoto Niijima
  175. “We’ll expose the truth and change society!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  176. “Art can change the world!” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  177. “I’ll make sure no one suffers like I did.” – Haru Okumura
  178. “I’ll find my place in the world.” – Futaba Sakura
  179. “We’ll fight for a better future!” – Morgana
  180. “We won’t be held back by anyone!” – Makoto Niijima
  181. “I’ll be a symbol of hope!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  182. “Art is a powerful weapon for change.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  183. “I’ll create a world where everyone can be happy.” – Haru Okumura
  184. “I’ll protect my friends, no matter what.” – Futaba Sakura
  185. “We’ll bring justice to this world!” – Protagonist
  186. “Be true to yourself and your beliefs.” – Morgana
  187. “We’ll break free from our chains and make a difference.” – Makoto Niijima
  188. “I’ll fight for a brighter future!” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  189. “Art has the power to inspire and transform.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  190. “I’ll create a world where kindness and compassion prevail.” – Haru Okumura
  191. “I’ll never let my friends down.” – Futaba Sakura
  192. “We’ll change the world, one heart at a time.” – Morgana
  193. “No one can tell me who I should be.” – Makoto Niijima
  194. “I’ll stand up for what’s right, no matter what.” – Ryuji Sakamoto
  195. “Art is a reflection of the soul.” – Yusuke Kitagawa
  196. “I’ll work to make the world a better place.” – Haru Okumura
  197. “I’ll always be there for my friends.” – Futaba Sakura
  198. “We’ll create a world where people can be happy.” – Protagonist
  199. “Don’t be afraid to express yourself.” – Morgana
  200. “We have the power to change the world.” – Makoto Niijima


Final Words ;


The world of “Persona 5” is one of shadows and masks, where characters confront their inner demons and societal injustices. Amidst this journey, their words become beacons of inspiration and contemplation. These quotes serve as more than just memorable lines from a game; they remind us of the power of storytelling and the enduring wisdom that can be found in unexpected places. As we bid farewell to the enigmatic and thrilling world of “Persona 5,” let us carry these quotes with us, embracing the lessons they offer on the significance of rebellion, authenticity, and the strength to change the world, one heart at a time.

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